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Solar System Poster - Individual

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"Portrait of the Solar System" Posters - Individual Posters

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Poster 1: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Near-Earth Asteroids

Includes images from Mercury Messenger and the Magellan radar map of Venus as well as other agency sources. Also includes the inset for the "Near-Earth Asteroids" and the surfaces of the Terrestrial worlds in the inner solar system.

Poster 2: Earth, Moon, Mars, Belt Asteroids

Includes an NOAA mosaic of the whole Earth and NASA mission images of the Moon and Mars. Also includes insets for the "Main Belt Asteroids", including images from the Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres.

Poster 3: Jupiter System, Trojan Asteroids

Includes images from multiple NASA missions of Jupiter and its miniature solar system of moons. There are no actual surface pictures from the Jovian moons, but this poster does include some extreme closeups of the unique topography of each of these worlds, taken from the Galileo mission.

Poster 4: Saturn System, Centaurs

Includes images from the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn, including the surface photo from the only landing yet attempted in the outer solar system.

Poster 5: Uranus System, Neptune System, Pluto System, Kuiper Belt Objects

Includes images from Voyager 2 of Uranus and Neptune systems, and from New Horizons of Pluto and its moons, as well as some information about the as-yet-unvisited Kuiper Belt Objects of the far outer solar system.

(About 20% cheaper if bought together in the FullSet).

The poster measures 19"x27" and will fill the visible part of a typical 20"x28" poster frame. It is professionally digitally printed on heavy 120# stock with a glossy poster finish.

Ships in a 24" cardboard mailing tube via US Post Office First Class Package Service, $6 in USA, $15 elsewhere.

Please be aware: stock is limited -- we will fill orders until we use up our current stock, but we do not currently have plans to reprint these. When they're gone, they're gone.

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Solar System Poster - Individual

0 ratings
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