Individual Sponsorships

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These are the same individual tiers we offer through our Patreon page, except they are one-time sponsorships for a single episode, paid up-front, and do not include physical rewards, even if the Patreon tier does.

When the episode you've supported is released, you will receive an update with early-access download link information, as you do with the Patreon tiers. In the meantime, please enjoy the collection of wallpapers and other digital content we include for all donations.

The three tiers differ in how you will be listed in the episode end credits (indicated in the preview pictures): Patrons are listed in the credits, alongside Patreon patrons at the "Premium" level or above. Gold and then Silver sponsors are listed more prominently, immediately after the commercial credits on the "sponsors" side (left side) of the credits on screen, in a contrasting color.

For any of these, we need to get your "Credits Name": the form of your name as you want it to appear. Your credit name may be a pseudonym or a collective name (e.g. of an organization or company or "The Doe Family", etc). But it can't be a message or contain profanity. This is a required field on the order form.

Of course, as with all sponsorships and donations, the main reward is knowing you're supported talented artists to produce our art and keeping us off the streets!

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Individual Sponsorships

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