One-Time Donation to "Lunatics!" Project

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This is a simple DONATION of ANY AMOUNT ("Pay what you want") to the "Lunatics!" Open Animated Series Project, produced by Anansi Spaceworks. Funds go directly and immediately to supporting the project -- overhead costs (e.g. cloud hosting for the website), advances to artists, and so on (if you're unsure, we recommend a $5 donation, but we're grateful for any amount).

As a "Thank You" for supporting our project, this includes a collection of desktop wallpaper, advertising banners, animated GIFs, and even a printable PDF (US Letter and A4 sizes included) for making the main character finger puppets we used in some of our Kickstarter campaigns.

Most of this stuff is already available for download on our site somewhere, but we've collected it into a nice bundle for you.

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One-Time Donation to "Lunatics!" Project

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