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Commercial Sponsorships

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Support the "Lunatics!" series and promote your brand with our commercial sponsorship levels. "Lunatics!" will be freely distributed onto online video platforms without limitations (after a brief "early release" period for backers), leading to easily accessible and lasting exposure for your company name or logo. It's a cost effective way to show your support for free-culture and promote your own project, business, or other organization.

We have two levels available for direct purchase here on Gumroad:

Commercial Sponsorship:

The base level commercial sponsorship includes a space for your company name (and possibly trademark dress). Use the "Brand Name" field in the order form to give us your name as you want it to appear, or you can submit monochrome artwork to allow for custom fonts and styling of your company name.

These will run before individual sponsor credits, and immediately after the Logo Sponsorship credits. The color will be matched to the other sponsorship credits.

Logo Sponsorship:

A much more prominent placement with your logo in full color up to 600x600 pixels in the HD release.

This are the first sponsorship credits to run in the end credits of the episode, and appear immediately after the main episode cast credits. Limited to 10 spots, to avoid dilution.

Submission Requirements:

  • Use the Brand Name field in the order form to indicate your company or trade name as you want us to display it.
  • Use the Brand URL field to tell us where to link your name or logo from the episode download page (where it will also be included).
  • We will send you an update prior to episode release, requesting you submit your logo artwork. This can be in any format we can open in Inkscape or Gimp (SVG, PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc), but should be formatted to fit in the space as described above.

More Sponsorship Options:

Please see our "Sponsorships, Donations, and Advertising" page for more options, including the Full and Half Episode Opening Bumper sponsorships. These options are not sold through Gumroad.

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Commercial Sponsorships

0 ratings
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