Lunatics Artbook & Writer's Guide, Vol 1, Ed 1

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This is the original version of the Artbook & Writer's Guide that we released as a reward in our 2011 Pre-Production Kickstarter. A lot has happened on the production since then, including a lot more production art, so some parts of this books (particularly the business planning and release dates) have been changed enormously as we've developed our project, but this is still an in-depth resource on the characters, settings, and universe of "Lunatics!"

This is an actual reference book we use in-house to keep track of story details for consistency-checking. Sometimes called a "production notebook" or a "story bible". It's also full of illustrations, diagrams, character drawings, style notes, and production design and business-model notes for our production.

This first edition includes the first two episode scripts, "No Children in Space" (now episodes 1-3) and "Earth" (4) as well as some audition scripts.

There are complete floor plans for the lunar colony and a partial floor plan for the USAF Iridium Base, as well as technical drawings of the Lunar Transportation System, Space Station, and other mechanical designs. There are also character sketches, concept drawings, and model sheets for each of the major characters.



This book is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Sales of this PDF directly benefit the "Lunatics!" Project and the people who work on it.

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  • Size325 MB
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Lunatics Artbook & Writer's Guide, Vol 1, Ed 1

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